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I can not copy the seed phrase when creating a wallet.

Add languages ​​to the wallet.

Hi Oleksandr,

Thank you so much for your feedback and support. As seed phrases are very important and sensitive information, we recommend users to write down these word on a paper.

For now, If you want to copy the words, please double-click the section and press the copy short-key “control + c”

Thank you for your interest in CertiK Chain!

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Can’t deployed contact as it shows in email guide. Send email with the same adress and add there a screenshot.

Arrow for turning the tab in the wrong placeю
Brave browser

When I click “Claim” I see just white screen after that and nothing more.
Brave Browser

Dropdown menu is not shown correctly on Account Details pages (example: https://explorer.certik.foundation/accounts/certik1qpwrerunav8n3264nrdsm9few49k3xv9j2607f). The word “page” page is not shown completely on the screen (both in Delegations and Unbondings sections).

Everything becomes fine when selecting one of the options.

The way to fix this is to make the word “page” visible from the very beginning (like on screenshot 2).

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Hello Mikle,

Thank you for your detailed comments, it’s really helpful. With some feedback received, we decided to temporarily disable the pagination size changer feature.

CertiK Chain

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Hello, when receiving the token test, reCAPTCHA is disabled.


Hello, when I was trying to deploy a simple solidity smart contract I have encountered 2 issues.

  1. Invalid gas amount, and I was unable to change the value via the slider.


I was unable to compile the code after the first issue, not sure if it’s related.

Hi OranG3,

I wanted to reach out with an update on your feedback. The Claim button white screen issue has been resolved. Please let us know if the problem still persists.

CertiK Chain

HI Certik666,

Thank you for your feedback. The reCAPTCHA on the page is functioning correctly and does not require any further action to go into effect.

CertiK Chain Team

Hello, I click on the validator address and it gives me an error that such a validarot does not exist.


I wish there was an explorer button in the wallet. To enter explorer, click on the transaction hash.


The crane does not work.


Hi CertiK666,

Seems like you are in a different Testnet staging version. The address that you are looking for does not exist in that specific Testnet. Would you mind switching the Testnet to shentu (top-right corner)?

CertiK Chain Team

A reminder to all, if you would like to be considered for the Bug Bounty you must follow the reporting bug template found here: https://docs.certik.foundation/certik-chain/overview/token-incentive-program/deepwallet-and-explorer-bug-bounty#bug-ticket-processing-flow

Thanks for all involvement thus far!

The bug I reported above was already fixed, will I be considered for the Bug Bounty if I submit it again using a bug template?

I can’t get into my wallet.