Can I disclose the seedphrase inside Deepwallet?

Hi CertiK Community!

Apologise if this may not be the right place to raise my concern but I really need your help… If there are other ways how to disclose the seed phrase in DeepWallet just like Trust. :pray:

I can’t withdraw my funds since it requires me to input my seedphrase. Problem is, what I’ve copied is the seedphrase of my other DeepWallet. Am sorry for my poor grammar.

Hoping I get any solutions from here !:pray:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I participated in the Certik bounty program, won 1000 points and wanted to exchange them 20: 1, transferred 200 CTK, but when I wanted to convert points into coins, the program asked me to enter a seed phrase - I could not find it, and now I cannot I can take the reward and my 200 CTK - for me this is a lot of money, please help me to return at least my money. I passed KYC, here is my account, everything is fair, help me, please.