I can't withdraw CTK from collateral

Hi All.

I’m Unbonding my Delegate . and i come to Shieldpools withdraw my CTK, but it’s charged my fee but didn’t available in my wallet and i can’t redelegate my Validator.
Please help.

@kiluala have your problem been solved? Because there is no reply here

Hello, I have problem with undelegate, redelegate, I cant claim, but fees are charged… pleases help me

502 / 5000

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I tried to withdraw to the Metamask wallet and this message occurs, but the withdrawn amount disappeared and did not go to the wallet, although the transaction was successful. Is the value locked for a while? Is there no one to answer questions for Certik on this forum? I see many people in need of unanswered help. Are transaction error messages common, but with all the correct procedures, and in the successful transaction documentation, charging fees and without providing the transaction order?