[Signaling Proposal] Shentu-2 Upgrade

Hey guys!

Today we are glad to share with the community the signaling proposal for the much anticipated Stargate upgrade for the CertiK Chain, codenamed shentu-2 . Not only does this upgrade bring a long list of improvements and features to the CertiK Chain, it also signifies another milestone for CertiK to accelerate its growth, and a step forward in our journey to securing the blockchain world today for a better tomorrow.

The full draft of the proposal can be found here. We’d greatly appreciate the community’s input before submitting the proposal on-chain on Aug 17, 2021 . All discussions conocerning the proposal should take place here in this thread.

Fervent Supporters of Certik understand its importance but have raised concern over the inflationary nature of Certik’s tokenomics.

Cryptocurrency at its heart is partly a revolt against the debasement currency, and inflation could hurt investors in the long run of over decades.

As such, is it possible to implement a burn mechanism where it is deemed appropriate when $CTK is spent? This could be done to slow the rate of change of the overall inflation, and or to make it reasonably slowly deflationary to improve the value proposition of the Certik network.

Along the same vein, I would like to ask at which points will CTK be spent and used as a point of clarification? Do let me know, thanks.

Some burn mechanism of $ctk token should be created…to combat the inflationary nature of the Certik token.

thank you!