Testnet 0.8.1 live!

Thank you, my node online!
I’m out of “Jailed”.

My node is gone on an unstopabble out-of-memory loop. FiIlls 4GB, throws oom, restarts… is it a known memory leak or have requirements went up significantly?

Hello gunray, thank you for reporting an issue here.

The certikd verion 0.8 by default will run on archive mode, which will store all states throughout its running time. That might cause the memory to exceed 4GB. If you are using 0.8.1, you could try with the new state pruning option, which includes syncable and everything.

Syncable might go over 4 GB while going through the block sync (catching up blocks), but everything will be enough to catch up to the current height.

You can enable such pruning options through --pruning flag, ex) certikd start --pruning syncable

So far I’ve been running with --pruning=nothing, tried --pruning=syncable and --pruning=everything but all follow the same suite. Fille 4GB+1GB swap within 30sec.

Does moving from pruning nothing to syncable/everythin require state reset? Might as well try to upscale and give it more ram…

Hello gunray,

Thank you for the update. It is not required to reset the chain history before changing the flag, but it surely can help. You can reset the data first through the command

certikd unsafe-reset-all

Then you can start the sync again from height 0 with the flag you want to try. Please let us know if you have any further difficulties.

So many nodes go to Jail?

Houston we have a problem! :sunglasses:

Hello MBGBuzzer,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We are currently going through an upgrade for the testnet nodes, so we are going through a migration process. The chain should be back up with a new version within a couple of hours, and will let you know as soon as we successfully upgrade to the new version.

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We need to update something on the validator side?

Otherwise, the validator is started, and blocks are coming. If you need to update something, please tell us.

The instructions to migrate to the new chain will be posted along with the release, and you are welcome to ask us any questions here on the forum or on the riot chat. Currently the new release is on hold due to some technical difficulties. We will make sure to announce, if we are to migrate to the new release. Thank you for your attention!

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have this issue -

~# ./certikcli tx slashing unjail --from=MBGBuzzer --chain-id=shentu --fees=6000uctk
Enter keyring passphrase:
ERROR: ABCIQuery: Post failed: Post "": dial tcp connect: connection timed out
~# ./certikcli tx slashing unjail --from=MBGBuzzer --chain-id=shentu --fees=6000uctk
Enter keyring passphrase:
ERROR: ABCIQuery: Post failed: Post "": dial tcp connect: connection timed out

What need to do?

Hello MBGBuzzer,

thank you again for reporting an issue.

From the screenshots it seems like your certikd process is not reachable by the CLI interface. Could you double-check the daemon is up and on the latest height? Also, make sure you’re connecting to the right address for the certikd process.

If everything looks good and you’re still having the error, try restarting the certikd process.

check it))

Hello MBGBuzzer,

Sorry for the delay. From the logs, it seems like the machine is unreachable. We would suggest restarting the machine certikd is running on, or any other setup that might impact the network setup.